How to be the most useful at work?


How to be the most useful at work?

To be useful, I believe we can do this by spending time thinking in a systematic way. That means thinking at the organizational level and not as an employee or role-based level. Anytime you are not actively working on a task, spend time thinking, reading, and exploring ideas for how to improve the organization.

This may seem counterintuitive because it seems like you are “wasting” time but this allows you to be more effective, efficient and useful for completing tasks.

We recently split the organization and are looking to sell a new line of business. Since this is new to us, we have to rethink our value proposition, sales pitches, and even the content we put on our website.

I read an article about a great sales pitch which was posted by a co-worker. This was timely because I had just finished* working on a sales script. So everything was fresh. If I hadn’t spent time, researching, and reading it would never have occurred to me to present our company in this way.

I felt useful because I developed something our organization needed but I spent more time learning than doing.

When do you feel the most useful?

Travis DykesComment