You’re not in the software business.


You’re not in the software business.

I recently had a client ask for some advice. They had pre-existing software which will soon be deprecated. They were looking to potentially build new software which could handle their needs and possibly turn into a product. The ask was simple.

How much would it cost to build this?

The longer I sat with though. The more I kept coming back to the thought, they aren’t in the software business. Plus to put it plainly, it wasn’t going to be cheap.

The overhead, design, cost of development and based on their budget. It was not going to be optimal. My advice, look for other pre-existing software.

After researching, I was able to find and recommend free software which would allow them to get off the ground and running within a few days of initial setup rather than months. The decision saved them from spending lots of money with little potential for a return.

In short, keep the main thing the main thing. Know your business and strengths of the organization. Always do what’s right even if it could have been a great project. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Stay in your lane.

Travis DykesComment