Working with detail oriented clients.


Working with detail oriented clients.

Over the past week, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on one of the top brands in the world. While I know every client is different, this one is the detailed I've dealt with to date. The majority of clients I deal with tend to prefer speed over detail. So to me, this situation is unique and has allowed for what I think, is the best work done to date.

However, this presents a unique opportunity to work with equally detailed clients. Every line-height, padding, font spacing is scrutinized plus there’s no margin for error. The stakes are higher because of its reach. It’s got to be perfect.

This experience is great because it challenges me to think longer and harder on tasks. I’m now challenged to obsess over the details a little bit more than normal. That might sound like every designer's dream but this approach has a downsize it takes more time. Thus the budget has to be larger and it takes more time to roll out. Since this isn't my normal pace, I'm trying to better balance the creative, development and business processes.

I always push for great work but I'm enjoying the push to stay in the details longer.

Have you ever had a client push you and expand how you think of yourself and your work?

Travis DykesComment