The Terrible Fire of Notre Dame


Today, there was news of a fire at Notre Dame. This is a terrible tragedy to me that, history is lost, burnt by the flames. My wife and I visited a couple years ago and we slept only a stone's throw away, and awoke to the sound of the bells.

Now, France probably sits in silence mourning the loss of their history. The cathedral has seen rebuilds, and expansions in its time. I’m sure it will be built again but to think this was built over the course of 900 years. That is amazing! It started being built in the 12th century, imagine the number of people working on this building.

To some, it’s might just be a building but it causes me to think about the memories and the people.  Exactly, who were these people that spent their entire lives building this thing? In my line of work, websites take a few months maybe a year if you’re building an app.

Can you imagine laboring your entire life and the project still isn’t done? You lying on your deathbed, looking at your grandchildren and you say keep going. Keep building, the jobs not done.

Travis Dykes