Campbell Cabinetry



Overhaul the website, and tailor it to their audience.

The Solution

After initial planning meetings, I managed the project from end to end and ensured that the design requirements lined up with the business requirements. All the copy speaks about the character of the organization. It tells the story of the product and the way the company came to exist.



Campbell Cabinetry Designs was looking to upgrade and move away from their cumbersome Wordpress website. After analyzing the business needs and requirements. It was determined we should utilize SquareSpace as the platform of choice for their needs. This would allow them to update it themselves going forward and improve the conversation rate of their inquiries.



They provide a service and it results in a beautifully crafted environment for their clients home. After introductory and planning meetings, we came up with a wireframe to that would deliver the message of hand crafted workmanship and showcasing the product through their impressive catalog of photography. During this time, we created a visual online case study to show potential clients and new clients how they would go about interacting with Campbells.

The Conclusion

Project Length: 2 Months
Profitable: Yes
ROI Status: Recouped
Client Happy: Yes


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