Jubilee Organics



To create and establish a new business venture for a local beyond organic farm, selling their product directly to consumers.

The Solution

Plan, design and build an online farm box subscription service. This venture required carefully analyzing needs based on the clients available capital. I lead packaging and product sourcing while keeping the cost per unit down. I helped with pricing strategy, Pro-forma creation, target demographic planning, farm operation, and logistics. The UI Design, Front-End Engineers of Brave People created the site and other visual assets based on the strategic direction set by myself.



After analyzing the business needs and requirements. I selected a series of platforms and tools for the client. It’s built on Shopify and a few additional plugins. Time was spent sourcing product, helping them plan the operational efforts but minimize the ongoing work.



The farm production was a major factor into the actual product that Jubilee sells. They wanted to produce the highest quality food grown locally and better than organic practices. Food is central to who we are as people and we tried to capture that in the messaging and imagery.

The Conclusion

Project Length: 9 Months
ROI Status: Recoupment Period
Client Happy: Yes


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