Mark Lauren



To create and establish a new business venture for a best selling fitness author.

The Solution

After initial planning meetings, we set out to design and build an operational online video subscription platform. As a part of this new venue, I carefully analyzed business needs and system functionality then created an implementation plan for the development team. Created process charts for user flows and build wireframes for a UI Designer, UX Engineer, and Full Stack Engineers of Brave People.



There were two parts to this project, the platform and the website. The website needed to showcase the subscription application, tell Mark's story and highlight his other products. The site is designed and built on SquareSpace. Maintaining and updating the site can happen quickly as new opportunities appear for him. We got to work building the brand, color palette, and user flows. Mark Lauren’s following is both domestic and international, so we knew it had to perform quickly and respond on mobile devices.



Building a platform from the ground up, there’s a ton of ideas and possibilities to sift through. After pairing down our ideas into features and a realistic timeline. After analyzing the business needs and requirements. I selected a series of platforms and tools for the client. We selected JWPlayer as the video software engine and keystoneJS as the CMS and app Admin. Intercom for customer service, messaging automation, chat and visitor data. It's designed to scale with little development effort whether 100 users and 10,000 concurrent users.


The Conclusion

Project Length: 9 Months
Profitable: Yes
ROI Status: Recoupment Period
Client Happy: Yes


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