Voting Experience Application

Monster Jam
Feld Entertainment
Voting Experience Application

Project Statement

I designed and pitched Feld Motor Sports on updating their live voting application for Monster Jam attendees. The primary objective of the redesign was to improve the entire mobile touchpoint at events. With this, customers could now vote on driver performance with less frustration and new features like a voting history.

Redesign the current user experience while reducing customer frustrations.
Provide customers the opportunity to purchase goods.
Research a more interactive experience for kids.
Improve the user experience by providing contextual feedback.
Case Study

Customer Pain Points

I was excited to vote for the trucks, but as the event went on I forgot who I voted for.
The application doesn’t tell me if my vote was counted.
It would be convenient to order on my phone so I don't have to leave my kids to purchase goods from the vendors.
I had difficulty getting my phone out to vote, and remembering the code for the arena.

User Flows

After defining the problem, high level user flows are created to inform the design needs of the application.

Customer Interviews

Collecting first hand accounts of experiences allow me to make improvements, learn about the nuance of their decision making as well as pain points.

Customer Journey

Depicting the human interactions across every aspect of the business allows for cross-department learning and clarity for areas of improvement.

Customer Personas

Understanding the entire customer rationale and emotions inform a number of aspects including copy, interactions and streamlining steps.

Information Architecture

Helping users find the best information with the right context for them to accomplish their goals.

Market Research

I take into account demographic data for a number of design decisions including primary device usage, font sizes, and button size.

Prototype Testing

These are critical in communicating internally and externally to ensure high levels of satisfaction across the business and customer base.


The Solution

QR Code directs users to the voting app without the hassle of searching.
Confirmation screen for vote submission.
Vendor item list & checkout with delivery to seat.
Logs voting history for the user as well as running totals.