Desktop Application Design

Sun Hydraulics
Sun Hydraulics
Desktop Application Design

Project Statement

I was tasked to design an end-to-end prototype of an electron desktop application for Sun Hydraulics. The client sought to help their distributors configure proprietary hardware. Through research methods, I expanded upon and redesigned their existing desktop application to deliver an improved customer experience.

Define the UI Kit for the desktop application and incorporate customer feedback.
Provide distributors the opportunity to save and share their configuration settings on a device.
Present complex data and highly nuanced information clearly.
Plan for the application to be theme-able since it could be white labeled in the future.
Case Study

Customer Pain Points

The mobile app works for quick changes but I'm looking for finer control at my work station.
The current application doesn't allow me to share configuration settings across our company.
It would be nice if I could upload configuration files from my desktop.
It would be convenient if I could pair multiple devices at the same time and select between them.

User Flows

After defining the problem, high level user flows are created to inform the design needs of the application.

Customer Journey

Depicting the human interactions across every aspect of the business allows for cross-department learning and clarity for areas of improvement.

Customer Personas

Understanding the entire customer rationale and emotions inform a number of aspects including copy, interactions and streamlining steps.

Information Architecture

Helping users find the best information with the right context for them to accomplish their goals.

Market Research

I take into account demographic data for a number of design decisions including primary device usage, font sizes, and button size.

Prototype Testing

These are critical in communicating internally and externally to ensure high levels of satisfaction across the business and customer base.


The Solution

Screen
Upon first load users can import or use a preconfigured setting.

Once a configuration is selected, there are a number of data points engineers can modify, and edit.